Advanced Modern Dance I
3 Undergraduate Courses
The course is designed to train the student in advanced level modern dance technique with a special focus on stage performance preparation. The course is designed to expand the dancer's understanding of and proficiency in techniques of modern dance. Dancers will explore the expressive potential of the body as an instrument of dance. Dancers will perfect will perfect their skills in contemporary modern dance, including release technique and inversions. The overall objectives are to discipline the body to move with control and specificity, to extend the range of movement, to further the student's facility and skill in advanced modern dance technique and to prepare the dancer to apply all of this knowledge to stage performance in modern dance. The course may be repeated up to a maximum of 6 credits hrs.
Prerequisite: Dance 321 or consent of instructor.
Grading Basis
Lecture - Required
DANC 441
Academic Group
School of Arts and Sciences
Academic Organization
Visual & Performing Arts
Coppin State University
Enrollment Requirements
Prerequisite: Danc 321