HIM 300
Fundamentals of Health Information Management
HIM 301
Advanced Concepts in Quality and Healthcare Standards
HIM 303
Non-Traditional Settings
HIM 305
Healthcare Finance and Reimbursement Methodologies
HIM 307
Medical Classification Systems I
HIM 311
Professional Practice Experience I
HIM 400
Management Affiliation
HIM 401
HIM 402
Legal Aspects of Health Information
HIM 403
HIM 404
Seminar In Health Information Management
HIM 408
Medical Classification Systems II
HIM 412
Organization and Management Health Information I
HIM 413
Organization and Management Health Information II
HIM 414
Professional Practice Experience II
HIM 415
Health Statistics
HIM 417
Applied Research
HIM 420
Health Information Systems
HIM 500
Issues And Trends In Health Care
HIM 501
Introduction to Health Informatics
HIM 502
Legal Issues of Health Information & Informatics Management
HIM 503
Electronic Health Record Design & Planning
HIM 504
Human Resource Management in Healthcare
HIM 505
Financial Management for Health Care Organizations
HIM 506
Health Care Organization & Delivery
HIM 507
Health Information Clinical Classification Systems
HIM 508
Research Methodology of Health Information
HIM 509
Data Warehouse and Mining
HIM 510
Advanced Concepts In Clinical Information Systems
HIM 511
QI in Health Care
HIM 600
Strategic Management in Health Care
HIM 601
Introduction to Health Care Risk Management
HIM 602
Health Care Risk Planning, Strategy, and Compliance
HIM 603
Quality Metrics and Data Management in Health Care
HIM 604
Healthcare Data Analytics
HIM 605
Methods of Health Information Exchange
HIM 606
Monitoring and Evaluating Health Programs
HIM 780
HIM 781
HIM 782
Rhia Prep